The Assessed Value

For example, if the market value is $300,000 and the assessment ratio is 75%, is $225,000. If you don’t want to pay an appraiser yet, you can research comparable properties in your area to estimate the fair market value of a home. Browse sites with MLS listings to find the prices for homes like yours. Consider square footage, age, condition, outdoor space, amenities, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms during your research. Get Forbes Advisor’s ratings of the best mortgage lenders, advice on where to find the lowest mortgage or refinance rates, and other tips for buying and selling real estate.

The assessed value of a real estate property is the annual estimation of the property’s worth in dollars for the purpose of imposing taxes on it. The local municipality is responsible for collecting property taxes. Each property pays its share of tax every year based on its valuation. Taxes changes according to changes in the assessment value of the property. An appraised value represents an expert’s estimation of what your property is worth. It’s an analysis of a property to determine a suitable sales price under current market conditions.

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How close is a home’s assessed value to its market value?

It depends on where you live. In some areas, the assessment ratio is 100%, and in others, it can be lower. You can check with your local municipality to find out how it calculates your assessed value for tax purposes.

Market value of a home is based on a range of factors, including house size, location, similar properties, market trends, and the condition of the home. However, the assessed value is not the real or market value of the property that marks its selling price. Instead, it’s a percentage of the fair market value of that real estate property. Each county or municipality has a different assessment rate , which is below the market value.

Office of the Assessor

They can evaluate whether the seller is asking for a fair price or if the buyer should make a lower bid to accommodate that home’s true value. A home can be listed for a certain amount, but buyers may be uninterested The Assessed Value and offer less. Conversely, the property might be highly sought after and have buyers who are willing to pay more to purchase the home, which can lead to a relative increase in the market value.