If the company you’re interviewing with uses the same tools, it’ll likely put the employer at ease knowing you already have the experience with them. Another area where you can highlight your desire to work remotely includes your professional summary. This is where you set your intent as a job applicant — and it’s the perfect spot to mention your desire and ability to work remotely.

remote work experience examples

ATS will parse your resume to see how many keywords match the keywords used in the job description. So add all your education, online coursework, awards and recognition, and any roles or work experience that may or may not be relevant to your current remote job search. There isn’t a list of the keywords all work from home resumes should have because this depends.

What is Remote Work?

She specializes in strategic advice for executives, career pivots, and remote workers. We also have some general advice for how to write an awesome resume to land remote work below all the examples. If you want to save time, we recommend using dedicated remote job boards like Himalayas that only list legitimate remote jobs.

4 ways remote work has improved company culture – The Enterprisers Project

4 ways remote work has improved company culture.

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Connect the dots between your experience and the company’s needs. It’s a good rule of thumb to keep your resume between one and two pages long, depending on the length of your career experience. With a tool like JobScan, you’ll copy and paste the job ad and your resume into separate text boxes. Then, their wizard robots will scan both boxes to find all the similarities and differences and give your resume a score. The higher your score, the better your chances of getting past the ATS gatekeepers. This will give you a working model to edit according to the skills/experience you have versus what they’re looking for.

Find Your Remote Job

In this case, you inform the reader that this wasn’t a full-time office position, while not dragging the reader’s attention remote work experience examples from the job title. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, remote work has demonstrated a 44% growth over 5 years.

remote work experience examples

For example, if you worked at a global company and frequently had to collaborate with people in countries, make it clear. Or perhaps you worked with customers who were overseas, that’s another opportunity to highlight your remote collaboration skills. Introduce yourself here and refer to the remote job that you’re applying for. Share why this position was interesting to you and what excited you about the company. You may be considered for a job without a cover letter, but if you have the chance to submit one, it often helps to do so. Going the extra mile in your application, whether for a remote job or in-office position, will give you the best advantage to snag an interview.